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WMS – TMS – ERP – All data in real time !

C4RGO-DataCom is the system component that allows the dimensioners
DS-C4RGO 2nd Generation to communicate with your company and IT systems.
The system integration service, included in start-up activities and is managed internally by highly specialized personnel who ensure complete integration. The fluidity and timeliness of the information ensured by the integration activities further reduces operating times and costs.
C4RGO-DataCom also allows you to quickly adapt to changes in the operating scenario such as integration with new emerging technologies such as AGV and COBOT.

  • Connectors for DataBase
  • Traces of data transmission
  • Power WMS – TMS – ERP
  • Transfer data to the Cloud
  • synchronize Files & Tables
  • Send Report


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WMS - TMS - ERP Connected !

The study and planning of the protocols and the implementation of the transmission modes in C4RGO so that the data arrives quickly and fluently in the WMS / TMS / ERP.
In addition to the System data (Date-time - operator, the main data subject to transmission are:
- shipping / product codes
- dimensional (W-H-L) and volumetric data
- images / filming of surveys
- 3D shape processing file (opt).
It is possible to add to them any other data present in the "detail" useful to the systems for a better qualification of the information concerning the shipment / product.                        

In cases where the decentralization of the C4RGO system is such that it cannot be reached by the LAN or Wi-Fi network, giving up "Real Time" performance, a good result is obtained by equipping the system with a slot for a SIM card ( such as mobile phone) which allows you to connect the system to the Internet using the network provided by the telephone operator. If there is also no line, the data can be written in a Pen Drive and transferred to the management system Manually.
In many areas of difficult coverage, "satellite" internet connections that are just as valid and performing as wired ones often come in handy. The only drawback remains the absence of signal in the presence of bad weather.

C4RGO DataCom is pre-configured for the creation of various types of files (XML-ASCI-TXT-CSV-) and their transfer to a system folder together with images and 3D files.
In case of requests of writing data directly into the database, our systems engineers and programmers are able to support all business needs. The connection can be made to different databases; among the most popular and subject to integration:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, yBase, MariaDB, Informix or ODBC for Relational DBMS, and SAP HANA, Oracle TimesTenS , for "in-memory databases".

Messages between DS-C4RGO and C4RGO-Cloud are constructed from C4RGO-DataCom based on a proprietary format and encrypted using HASH algorithms.
The cryptographic function of HASH was chosen because it is secure because it has fundamental properties for guarantee the security and confidentiality of transmissions:
- Uniquely identifies the message. It is not possible that two messages, although similar, have the same value as HASH;
- The same message translates always and only with the same HASH;
- Unable to recreate a message from its HASH value.
The cryptographic functions of HASH are widely used in the fields of IT security such as digital signatures, bank password generations, message authentication codes and much more.
In cybersecurity contexts, cryptographic HASH values ​​are also called "fingerprints" or "checksums".

C4RGO-DataCom is a service designed to receive and transfer the data collected by the multi-volume dimensioner (s) to any system and company architecture in which your WMS – TMS – ERP is installed.
The information acquired in a few seconds and made available in real time, is aimed at improving the optimization times of travel and loads or the saturation of the vehicles. C4RGO-DataCom proves to be an efficient tool for verifying the correct application of the cost of the transport service by providing coefficients of “density” (volume / weight) with respect to what is calculated in the estimate or declared in the transport documents, DDT / AWB …. (opt.) .
With precise dimensional measurements it supports and improves the positioning and calculation of spaces such as the efficiency of the warehouses. Furthermore, C4RGO-DataCom by providing all the specific data and the 3d shapes (opt.) of the goods, it allows your TMS and WMS systems to allocate the volumes in the available cells to the best or rationalize the preparation of shipments by defining the total Volume, and therefore of the packaging, of the goods to be sent (opt.).
It further reduces operating times and costs for the management of non-conformities, thanks to automated and alert processes, which can be activated in the acquisition process phase.

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Integration with AGV C4RGO-DataCom
Integration with COBOT C4RGO-DataCom
Integration with existing weighing systems C4RGO-DataCom
Volumetric Certification [MID] C4RGO-DataCom
Weighing system certification [MID – OILM – NTEP ..] C4RGO-DataCom

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