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G4RGO-DMS : Data Managment System

C4RGO-DMS Data Managment System


C4RGO-DMS – Simple and easy to use, it manages the data flow (In / Out) towards company systems and Cloud services. It allows you to control, process and share totally and in real time all shipping information safely, offering complete management of shipping data.

  • Simple interface
  • 4 types of volume
  • 3D Shape – Object ( 3D-TMS[+] )
  • Post-acquisition analysis
  • User Manager / Operative
  • Analysis – Report – Graphs
  • Shipping data sharing
  • Total SSL data protection – HTTPS


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C4RGO-DMS makes available both in the system and in the cloud or (opt.) dedicated server

  • Bar codes / Rfid
  • Weight (Opt.)
  • Measure *
  • Volumes *
  • 5/10 Megapixel HD images
  • HD operation shooting ( Opt.)
  • 4 types of 3D-Shapes ( Opt.)
  • Density - Congruity
* Exclusive "Multi-Object" function

Communication takes place via the Network / Wii-Fi.
All systems must be able to communicate, from the smallest monitoring unit, such as the sensors of the automated lines (sorters), to the measurement systems of large volumes decentralized with respect to the location in industrial halls and difficult locations.
All readings and data of the measurements detected by the 3D sensors, the weight of the scales and the images of the cameras feed C4RGO-DMS.
After dimensional evaluation, it is still possible to use the C4RGO systems with a simple internet connection using the cloud services and messaging as a working platform for data verification and acquisition. A UPS or group of batteries can ensure continuity in the absence of temporary power.

Together with the data communications between the "measuring instruments" and C4RGO-DMS, the monitoring values of the sensor processes used are transmitted, such as the activity, the correct execution, current, time of use of the system, etc. .
All this is essential to understand what happened in case of anomaly .
DS-C4RGO can be equipped with a differentiated evaluation system which, in case of anomaly, also in combination with predefined alarm mechanisms already on the screen, guarantee constant monitoring and analysis of the processes. The function can prove to be decidedly important for optimizing costs and resources where the role of the system is "Mission Critical".

Access to the system is through verification of the credentials on the basis of which specific information can be accessed.
The standard profiles are:
- department operators: upload and view shipments;
- operations and management managers: group, modify and structure the data according to the analysis needs for the improvement and optimization of the performances;

It is possible to integrate with company registry.

Traditionally, packages are checked and managed after they have been weighed and measured directly by those responsible for operations, often lagging behind the provision of the service which, out of respect for SLA, are also sent generating losses. The lack of timeliness and clarity generates requests for integration of unplanned costs towards the customer with the risk of even losing him.
C4RGO-DMS allows the activation of theDensity” module for real-time control of dimensional data. It does not require any modification to your system and can also be activated later. Once the function is enabled it is already active during the Reception / Entrance phase. The speed of execution of DS-C4RGO in the detection of all the objective and qualitative data of the goods, allow us, where possible, to propose a change of approach to the process of handling goods, anticipating from the first checkan immediate identification of any problems, transforming the detection itself part of the solution. Also you can follow the internal flows with C4RGO VIEWER, the mobile app integrated with C4RGO systems, which helps in visual certification and open reporting in case of serious problems on shipments.
Check number of packages – Weight – Volume of incoming goods C4RGO – Entry
Density verification \ Fairness \ shipment tolerances C4RGO – Density
IIOT – Sensor Monitoring (included with H24 Assistance) C4RGO – IIOT
TMS Plus Module [+] – 3D Shapes Sending C4RGO – TMS
Recognition and shapes verification C4RGO – Shape

# Document Data Pdf
1 — / — / —- N.D.
2 — / — / —- N.D.
3 — / — / —- N.D.
4 — / — / —- N.D.

      D A T A   &   I N F O R M A T I O N
      I M A G E S   &   V I D E O
      C 4 R G O   3 D   L A B
      I N T E G R A T I O N   W I T H     W M S   /   T M S   /   E R P
      Q U A L I T Y   &   T R A C E A B I L I T Y
  C 4 R G O     C L O U D
  C 4 R G O   P L U S   [   +   ]


C4RGO-PLUS It allows you to aggregate multiple systems, and all the data of the surveys, in real time.


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