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G4RGO PLUS [ + ]



When DS-C4RGO is placed in multiple locations or branches, C4RGO PLUS is the perfect solution !
If the services provided in the Cloud environment do not meet internal security standards or you simply prefer that your data does not leave the company, we will evaluate together an integration solution with the company’s IT systems.

  • Monitored logins
  • Multi-Utility
  • Internal Messaging
  • Cloud
  • Privat Cloud
  • Custom
  • All services available
  • Unified reports
  • Analysis of the details


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We cannot speak of convenience, but of opportunity.
Certainly having multiple machines and being able to put them together in a single panel is already a great advantage.
The savings are evident both in terms of simplification of the consultation procedures and for the homogeneity of the reports transmitted.                        

Absolutely NO!
The basic access profiles for the individual machines are kept in C4RGO CLOUD. We remind you that the service is included for the first year from the date of Testing and Machine Start. Just renew the service within the annual deadline to not lose the acquired data.

YES ! When the volume of data to be managed is significant, we create specific procedures by relying on BigData Analisys tools provided by Providers, including AMAZON AWS - MICROSOFT Azure, Google Cloud Platform;                

YES ! In compliance with data security and protection, information is never "qualified" except exclusively by our. system. That is, for any outsider who reads traffic data, they have no meaning. Every single Byte of communication between the Machines and the cloud is encrypted and "travels" over HTTPS / SSL protocols.

C4RGO PLUS [+] is the solution for small, large and very large structures that wish to manage the collection of shipping data homogeneously.
The service allows you to grow and add workstations over time, without having to make investments in IT every time. The collection and organization of data, which takes place in the various Weight and Volume detection stations in one or more warehouses located both in Italy and abroad, will therefore be standardized and can be quickly integrated with the company’s internal systems.
Communications with C4RGO Cloud are native and it is therefore possible to activate the advanced “C4RGO PLUS” panel also over time. Let’s start with one and, as soon as the quality – precision and speed of work, we will add the second, and a third in a day of work.
The service is recommended for a minimum of 3 Units. Over 10 units, the first year is activated free of charge, always excluding Storage space and the records to be processed.
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# Document Data Pdf
1 — / — / —- N.D.
2 — / — / —- N.D.
3 — / — / —- N.D.
4 — / — / —- N.D.

      D A T A   &   I N F O R M A T I O N
      I M A G E S   &   V I D E O
      C 4 R G O   3 D   L A B
      I N T E G R A T I O N   W I T H     W M S   /   T M S   /   E R P
      Q U A L I T Y   &   T R A C E A B I L I T Y
  C 4 R G O     C L O U D
  C 4 R G O   P L U S   [   +   ]


Monitoring of H24 systems - Scheduled Annual Maintenance to eliminate interventions and costly downtime.


In all the dimensional ranges of the C4RGO systems, the power of the pre and post data acquisition services amplifies performance by improving the KPY.

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