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C4RGO VIEWER is the exclusive PREMIUM SERVICE of the C4RGO solutions, completely independent of the company platforms, which allows you to retrieve and verify the information of the shipments, in terms of composition and visual verification of the goods (packages) in a few seconds on the Mobile application.
The service is provided without exposing the company to additional fixed costs of maintaining and updating dedicated infrastructures, making it a variable cost.
It can also be used exclusively within the company for the visual certification of the execution of assigned “tasks” (with code) to which feedback is given, wherever they are, as assistance during loading / unloading operations, or restoration of a company machine service by technicians.

  • Shipping Consultation
  • QR-Code / Bar-Code Reader
  • Integration with DS-C4RGO
  • Shipping info viewer
  • Message management panel
  • Push feedback communications


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The demand for the availability of services such as C4RGO VIEWER are still limited to a few business sectors. Its use is not of equal importance for everyone.
The value of the information managed is mainly linked to the reality in which it is used and at what stage of the business process it is and used.
For example, in the fashion or luxury goods manufacturing sector, it completes the anti-counterfeiting - customer-care strategies while in the pharmaceutical sector it supports anti-fraud policies. For many other companies, instead, the " quality / service control " with positive implications for marketing, allowing you to receive direct feedback and with a simple and "daily" tool ".

AbsolutelyYes !
C4RGO VIEWER is active H24, but works exclusively for consulting shipments with "existing" codes and carried out within a certain time frame, configurable.

Nothing! The central server looks for the code in the shipment database and, finding no response, does not proceed;
Without disturbing you, it automatically forwards a feed back to the sender via push mode, with "incorrect code" or not present in the database. < br> It is also possible to extend the search to the note field (if populated) and check for its presence if the code entered is, for example, a neck marker instead of shipping.

The company receives a message via e-mail with the report and, via restricted access , from the control panel can view all the reports divided by degree of severity or view them on the map showing its position (to activate GPS option), as well as knowing:
- Reference Code
- Reference project (Opt.)
- Event Date *
- Event Time *
- Event Location *
- Name and Surname of the reporting person
- "Severity" level of the message
- Telephone contact
- Reporting / Message

Once downloaded and installed C4RGO VIEWER on your smart phone and after logging in, it is possible to carry out 2 types of activities: CONSULTATION AND COMMUNICATION.
The acquisition of the parameters to search for information or write / forward a report is strictly bound to specific codes (a MASTER – AWB – HBL – DDT – neck mark, Job Intervention Orders etc ..) existing in the database and not “expired”.
Once the search parameter / code is recognized, in real time and according to the access profiles, the application shows you all or part of the shipment data.
The information and images of the surveys carried out by C4RGO during the measurements offer, wherever you are, the possibility of “recognizing and certifying the visual and objective correspondence” (weight and dimensions) of the neck in question.
If required and with enabled smart phones, it is possible to acquire information via ” NFC Label “, particularly useful for companies that require confidentiality of part of the shipment data (opt.).
To give the name to the ” C4RGO VIEWER” service is the function that allows you to acquire and send images and videos relating to the visual testimony (viewer) of events related to the shipping codes.
The communications forwarded ask, in addition to the images, to define a degree of “Gravity” of the same and to insert a message to comment. The function of this simple tool becomes of great value for its portability and traceability. It also provides basic statistical reports on the types / severity of the interventions.
All data transmissions are encrypted and travel on HTTPS / SSL protocol
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Choose the degree of urgency for notifications, checks and reports - c4rgo.app warns you and implements information in real time.


Our systems are based on series production components which allow us short planning and commissioning times.

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