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DS-C4RGO Dimensioner – 2nd Generation


Explore all the basic features of the unique Multi Object volumetric detection system and the options included in the service.

C4RGO CLOUD & PLUS [ + ] Included Service


C4RGO provides the experience of years of online data management ensuring speed and protection. Check out all the included services!

C4RGO VIEWER – Control & Quality on the move

C4RGO Viewer is a simple service for companies that need a tool to control, report and support the business activities of shipping and receiving goods even on the go.
With C4RGO VIEWER, all communications between mobile and the company are based solely on a unique code.
1) supports the verification and recognition of goods via unique QRcode;
2) forwards visual testimonials combined with specific requests, reports reports and related degree of urgency severity, on the status of goods, scheduled activities, work, projects or specific interventions in real time.
The application is customizable and deployable to all business employees using C4RGO.

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