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Develop innovative and simple solutions to the complex problems of our customers.

We invest important resources in R&D for the study and creation of new process systems of automatic acquisition and verification of data in complex environments.
Thanks to the joint effort of the development teams, we have achieved excellent and unique results such as C4RGO, the first volumetric detector in size and performance. C4RGO is the first Multi-object “sizing”.
In recent years, our efforts have focused on designing and producing comprehensive systems acquisition, monitoring and automatic verification of data using data 3D computer vision, virtual reality, combined with new ways of implementing and using established technologies such as automatic identification of barcodes or RFID and sensors for inspection and measurement of weight and size, both static and dynamic,all without neglecting the safety aspects.

CONSITE’s 20-year expertise in programming languages and knowledge of development platforms and infrastructure communication and security protocols, as well as careful monitoring and sensitivity to market developments and innovations, allows us to interface with all the latest products such as robot arms, cobots, AGV, ATR,and give life to new ways of managing processes, experimenting and consolidating the integration of programming techniques of Voice Control, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Big Data Analisys.

CONSITECH, WHICH IS complete with the research and selection of the best products and sensors on the market, and with its own expertise and engineering teams allows you to enrich and amplify its performance by adding functions that adhere to our vision of innovation, interoperability across business products and systems.
For CONSITECH, WHICH IS Introducing functions that simplify business life and operations, such as automated self-configuration, self-diagnosticand machine-to-machine communication, is standard.

We are conscious and convinced that today more than ever, it is essential to get out of the logic of habit and established practices and has become a priority redesign “le operations”: from the transformation of the value chain to the individual production phases.

With the line of 3D DS-C4RGOscanners,you have a single interlocutor able to evolve products and solutions complete and integrated with the most modern freight handling systems consistent with the digital transformation we have been looking for for years to be precursors and protagonists.

Automated logistics and production process management combined with mobile applications that extends traceability across the supply chain, from logistics to the end consumer has convinced many customers and industry experts to consider DS-C4RGO a “long-term process innovation asset “.

We study new processes with the help and integration EVUTIVE TECHNOLOGIES. , of AGV , of COBOT , VOICE CONTROL, of DEEP LEARNING, of MACHINE LEARNING, of BIG DATA ANALYSIS

We work to ensure that technological evolution is accompanied by a coherent path of organizational transformation and business skills. We work to ensure that the digital innovation path does not remain within the corporate boundaries but is able to enthusiastically overwhelm all the value chains. - Vincenzo Vassallo - R&D CEO - CONSITECH

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DS-C4RGO a `` long-term process innovation asset! ``

If what you offer is no longer aligned with the growing need for the levels of service required and you do not want to lose your goals and remain competitive, it is essential to take immediate action to transform the ``consolidated and tested`` as well as reassuring ``usual procedures`` into Process Innovation. !! Simple, Economic and Immediate integration is DS-C4RGO !!

Can I see it in action?

Of course, HERE you can view the Video of the DS-C4RGO model in the“Air”version designed for a 20 sqm detection surface, for objects of H max 3mt.

What are the installation times?

The installation can take half a day, for standard solutions parcels and detectors of a single pallet with the Ns pre-assembled structure, or a few days in case of larger sizes that involve optimal integration with the supporting structures property for which we often recommend a “feasibility study”.

Is it integrated with my business systems?

YES !  The entire Data-Scanner C4RGO  production line has the  C4RGO-DataCom component, which can connect and transfer data to any corporate network.
While they are designed to work even in difficult and decentralized environments in the absence of connectivity, they are able to interface with your WMS – TMS – ERP – WHS.


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